a game of Syrtis in progress (Skripsky version)

a game of Syrtis in progress (Skripsky version)

Double-edged strategy on a shrinking board

Syrtis is a two-player abstract strategy game inspired by the undersea quicksands of the Mediterranean. The shorter version, Syrtis Minor, plays in ten minutes. The full game, Syrtis Major, takes about thirty minutes. When it is produced the towers will (hopefully) suggest something of the glories of Moorish architecture.

Among its charms is the surprising variety of tactics available. And since there are several ways to win, reversals of fortune are not uncommon.

Syrtis is not yet available for purchase, but players are invited to reprint the rules and make their own copies of the game (for non-commercial purposes) so long as they credit the designer, David Vander Laan.

Find out how to play at the oh-so-aptly-titled how to play page.